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If any part of your business is customer-facing or requires a strong personal digital presence then your wardrobe MUST become part of your marketing strategy.

Good style is the art of revealing what’s already there. It speaks of who you are - in your values, character and personality. It will present a harmonious picture with your complexion and shape. It will create an aroma of confidence and success.  What would you guess the essence of my brand is just from my photo here? If you said friendly, warm, creative, or funky you would be along the right lines. A black and white serious head shot while professional and corporate would not convey my vibe, my essence - my brand!


A signature brand image goes beyond what makes you look and feel good. It will communicate the essence of your brand, present a harmonious picture, and create a consistent visual narrative in the market place.

It will create the message that says -

"I am strong, confident, authentic and good at what I do" 


A consistent, recognizable brand image across your digital platforms will undoubtedly create a sense of trust and confidence in your potential clients too.

Take a look....

Virtual Style Guide

Shop less but choose well.

A new mantra for 2020.

Work virtually with a stylist to achieve the best from your current wardrobe.

Signature Style Tribe Membership

Join the Signature Style Tribe to create a wardrobe you love and actually wear. Learn how to shop online and put together outfits that truly reflect your style, colouring and personality.

Shoppable Style Boards

Stop the online shopping overwhelm. Get a bespoke shoppable style board with professional advice to take away the stress and buy exactly what suits your shape, colouring and personality

The STYLE Library

Understand the elements of style and how you can take yours to the next level.
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Ready to Level Up Your Style?

I would love to hear from you, especially if you have any questions about my services and how I could help you personally. I respond to e-mails within 2 working days but often a lot sooner.