Create the image. Define the narrative.
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Are you ready to LEVEL up and look like the leader YOU ARE? 

In a world where you have 7 seconds to create an impression, you must take control of the narrative & guide the perceptions of your brand. Nothing does that more effectively than your image.


If any part of your business is customer facing or requires a strong personal digital presence then your wardrobe MUST become part of your marketing strategy.

Good style is the art of revealing what’s already there. It speaks of who you are - in your values, character and personality. It will present a harmonious picture with your complexion and shape. It will create an aroma of confidence and success.  What would you guess the essence of my brand is just from my photo above? If you said friendly, warm, creative, or funky you would be along the right lines. A black and white serious head shot while professional and corporate would not convey my vibe, my essence - my brand!

A signature brand image goes beyond what makes you look and feel good. It will  communicate the essence of your brand, present a harmonious picture and create a consistent visual narrative in the market place.

It will create the message that says - "I am strong, confident, authentic and good at what I do" A consistent, recognisable brand image across your digital platforms will undoubtedly create a sense of trust and confidence in your potential clients too.


For the past 10 years I have worked with creative professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs to define and create a signature look that is strong, professional yet expressive. My career path as an actress and creative entrepreneur has equipped me with an eclectic viewpoint that truly understands the power of wearing the right outfit to convey the essence of character. I have learned how to harness the power of dress that helps me feel confident and established in who I am and what I do.

You are not alone if you struggle to look authoritative and feel authentic on the corporate platform?  With some professional guidance you can define and OWN your brand style.

Perhaps it's simply about going up another level with your style since your promotion. Or maybe its time to feel more confident that your style is communicating what you and your business are all about. 


Are you ready to raise the bar, become more visible and stand out from a crowded marketplace. If the answer is yes - let's go! This is going to be an incredible journey and an investment you won't regret.


The Brand Image Stylist

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