Shoppable StyleBoard

Shoppable StyleBoard


Overwhelmed by the retail landscape ? Bombarded with countless fashion offers in your inbox? No time or patience to sift through the sea of online brands to discover new or essential pieces?

Well, help is on the the form of my personalized shopping mood boards.


After a short intake questionnaire which helps me discover your style goals, what you are looking for and any key pieces you want to add,  I will create for you 3 fabulous personalised Style Boards with multiple pieces and outfit ideas. You also have the option to send me photos of any pieces in your existing wardrobe that you want help to style. ie I need a red jacket to go with these trousers but I can't find them anywhere? Every piece will be available in our size and have a shoppable link so you can click straight through and purchase.


* As I am unable to hold stock, it is recommended that you look at your boards within 48 hours to ensure stock levels in the online stores that are recommended.




    All Style Boards will be sent withing 5 working days on receipt of you questionnaire. 


    Each piece will be available in your requested size on the day you receive your board. No responsibility can be taken if it subsequently sells out. You are recommended to look at your board as soon as possible to ensure you have the option to buy.